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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Mar 17, 2024

Welcome to episode #923 of Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast - Episode #923. He’s a hugely respected thought leader and practitioner at the intersection of technology and business. Andrew McAfee offers a compelling exploration of The Geek Way in his latest book, which redefines our approach to innovation and leadership. As a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the co-founder of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, Andy has been at the forefront of how technological progress reshapes our world. Andy unpacks the essence of The Geek Way, revealing it as more than just a cultural shift. It's a transformative approach to achieving extraordinary results across industries. The book, characterized by an unwavering commitment to science, speed, ownership, and openness, emerges not only as a pathway to success but as a better model for realizing company goals and fostering innovation. As geek culture transitions from the fringes to the mainstream (look no further than Marvel movies), admired for its dedication to evidence-based decision-making and problem-solving, Andy highlights the profound impact of this mindset on business practices and societal progress. One of the most compelling aspects of Andy’s work is the application of The Geek Way to the realm of artificial intelligence. In an era where AI's potential to revolutionize industries is often met with equal parts enthusiasm and apprehension, Andy provides a balanced perspective. He acknowledges the transformative power of AI as a tool for economic progress while addressing the societal implications of job displacement, advocating for iterative learning and adaptation as keys to harnessing AI's benefits. His previous books include More From Less, Machine. Platform. Crowd, The Second Machine Age (with Erik Brynjolfsson - which I adored), Race Against The Machine and Enterprise 2.0. For leaders, innovators, and anyone curious about the intersection of technology and business, this podcast and Andy’s insights are indispensable. Enjoy the conversation...


  • Geek culture has evolved from being stigmatized to being admired and accepted.
  • The Geek Way is characterized by norms such as science, speed, ownership, and openness.
  • The Geek Way can lead to better outcomes for companies and is more effective in achieving goals.
  • Leadership plays a crucial role in driving the adoption of the Geek Way and overcoming challenges. 
  • Visionary leaders are not essential for the 'geek way' to thrive in various industries.
  • Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can accelerate economic progress.
  • Concerns about job displacement and societal implications of AI.
  • Letting go of personal hangups is crucial for embracing new opportunities and growth.


  • 00:00 - Introduction and Geek Culture
  • 03:34 - The Evolution of Geek and Geek Culture
  • 09:44 - The Geek Way and Business Geeks
  • 14:11 - The Geek Way and Big Tech
  • 19:11 - The Geek Way and the Post-Pandemic Workforce
  • 25:34 - The Geek Way and Technology Impact
  • 30:53 - Geek Leaders and Their Characteristics
  • 36:55 - The Geek Way in Other Industries
  • 45:21 - The Heart of Science
  • 46:09 - Geek Way in Solving Wicked Problems
  • 47:38 - Geek Way in Prosaic Industries
  • 47:46 - Artificial Intelligence and its Impact
  • 53:27 - Concerns and Optimism about Artificial Intelligence
  • 56:23 - The Role of Critical and Emergent Thinking
  • 59:48 - Letting Go of Hangups