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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Mar 19, 2023

Welcome to episode #871 of Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast - Episode #871. Meet my friend, Dan Martell. He's an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and coach to over 1000+ SaaS founders. It wasn't always success after success for him. Dan had a rocky start to his entrepreneurial journey. At just 15 years old, he was in a high-speed chase with the cops, and things only seemed to go downhill from there. He failed at building a tech company at a young age and then failed again at a hosting company at 19. However, after trying consulting for 3 years, he finally succeeded with his first company, Spheric Technologies, at the age of 24. Although he bootstrapped the company from the ground up and saw significant growth, he hit a wall. He was working 100 hours a week, operating on 3-to-4 hours of sleep per night, and had nobody to turn to for critical advice. He struggled with identifying his biggest opportunity to kick-start sales, had a disorganized team, and was throwing money at the wall to see if anything would stick. After breaking through the revenue ceiling with Spheric Technologies, selling the company, and taking a year off, he founded two more successful companies (Flowtown and He learned many lessons and had many awkward mistakes along the way, which he wanted to pass on to others to help them get to where he was faster and with fewer scars. Dan created SaaS Academy and shares all he's learned on his website and YouTube/TikTok channels. Dan recently published the book, Buy Back Your Time - Get Unstauck, Reclaim Your Freedom and Build Your Empire. The book (which is a great read), is about installing systems and mindset shifts to engage in high-value work that brings you energy and fulfillment. Trading money for time will bring you more success than you ever thought possible, while reducing stress and maximizing happiness. Dan's journey proves that success doesn't come easy, and there's a lot of dead-wrong information out there. However, with the right mentors, books, and advice, there are answers. Enjoy the conversation...