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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Jun 19, 2022

Welcome to episode #832 of Six Pixels of Separation. Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #832 - Host: Mitch Joel. To those in the know, John Hagel is a known entity. I've heard him described as the horse-whisperer to many of technology's most respected leaders. John has spent over forty years in Silicon Valley and has experience as a management consultant, entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is driven by a desire to help individuals and institutions around the world to increase their impact in a rapidly changing world. After recently retiring as a partner from Deloitte, John published his newest book, The Journey Beyond Fear, that addresses the psychology of change and he is developing a series of programs to help people navigate through change at many levels. John has founded a new company, Beyond Our Edge, that works with companies and people who are seeking to anticipate the future and achieve much greater impact. While at Deloitte, John was the founder and leader of the global Center for the Edge with the mission of identifying emerging business opportunities that should be on the agenda of CEO’s, but are not, and doing the research to persuade them to put them on their agenda. He has also worked with McKinsey & Co. and Boston Consulting Group. He also served as senior vice president of strategy at Atari, Inc., and is the founder of two Silicon Valley startups. He currently is on the Board of Trustees of the Santa Fe Institute, an organization that conducts leading edge research on complex adaptive systems. He also serves on the faculty of Singularity University. He has also led a number of initiatives regarding business transformation with the World Economic Forum. In addition to his new book, John is the author of seven books, including The Power of Pull, Net Gain, Net Worth, Out of the Box and The Only Sustainable Edge. If you think about the future of work and how we can adapt to change, this is for you. Enjoy the conversation... Running time: 52:21. Hello from beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at Apple Podcasts. Please visit and leave comments on the blog - Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to connect to me directly on Facebook here: Mitch Joel on Facebook. or you can connect on LinkedIn. ...or on Twitter. Here is my conversation with John Hagel. The Journey Beyond Fear. Beyond Our Edge. The Power of Pull. Net Gain. Net Worth. Out of the Box. The Only Sustainable Edge. Follow John on Facebook. Follow John on LinkedIn. Follow John on Twitter. This week's music: David Usher 'St. Lawrence River'. Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #832 - Host: Mitch Joel.