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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Nov 1, 2020

Welcome to episode #747 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #747 - Host: Mitch Joel. Another part of this pandemic that can get me down is not meeting my fellow speakers in person. That’s how I first connected and became friends with Brant Menswar. We both share a love of music, the music industry, and then with a slight (or major) zig zag into the speaking business. While I wrote about rock stars, Brant became a rock star. He cut his teeth playing guitar and singing across the United States. Then, due to some personal life incidents, made some bigger changes. Brant also co-hosts (along with Jim Knight) the podcast, Thoughts That Rock, a weekly leadership show that includes a rock star guest and presents two life-changing pieces of advice in 30 minutes. Now, he is an expert in how to cultivate values-based leadership, he more recently published his second book, Black Sheep - Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You. You may think that a black sheep is someone who doesn’t fit in. Not in this case. "A black sheep’s wool cannot be dyed. A black sheep is one hundred percent, authentically original. It cannot be influenced, changed or molded into something it isn’t by outside forces." It’s a small book that packs a big (and personal) wallop. Find your own black sheep, find your future… and find success. Enjoy the conversation...