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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Jul 7, 2019

Welcome to episode #678 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #678 - Host: Mitch Joel. Andrew Tarvin is the world’s first Humor Engineer teaching people how to get better results while having more fun. Through his company, Humor That Works, Drew helps brands to be more productive, less stressed, and happier. Combining his background in business with his experience as an international comedian, his programs are engaging, entertaining, and effective. Prior to starting his company, Drew was a top-rated project manager at Procter & Gamble, managing million dollar projects for a $350 million business. He is also an accomplished comedian, having performed in more than 1,000 shows all around the world. Drew is the best-selling author of Humor That Works - The Missing Skill for Success and Happiness at Work, and his TEDx talk has been viewed close to 5 million times. Drew is good friend, and a fascinating character. Enjoy the conversation...