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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Feb 17, 2019

Welcome to episode #658 of Six Pixels of Separation

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #658 - Host: Mitch Joel. He's been running in the digital marketing circle for as long as I can remember. While we have never met in person, we have been connected and following one another's work and perspectives for many years. Shiv Singh now advises Fortune 500 companies and startups on strategy, marketing and how to succeed in the digital era as the Founder of Savvy Matters. Prior to starting his consultancy, Shiv was a senior executive driving marketing, innovation and digital strategies at Visa and PepsiCo. Before that, he was an agency guy (like me) at Razorfish (now PublicisSapient). In 2016, Shiv was inducted into the American Advertising Hall of Achievement has also been recognized by Adweek as a Top 50 marketer. He published the book, Social Media Marketing for Dummies back in 2014 and now he's back with his latest book, Savvy - Navigating fake companies, fake leaders, and fake news in the post-truth era. He co-authored this book wit his wife, Rohini Luthra. Enjoy the conversation...