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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Sep 25, 2016

Welcome to episode #533 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Mirum Podcast. If ever there was a"brother from another mother" in my life and professional journey, it could well be Jason Miller. By day, he is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Welcome to the Funnel - Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11. By day, he also leads global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI. Previously he ran social media strategy at Marketo and was responsible for leading the company's global content and social media efforts. Before entering the B2B space, he spent ten years at Sony developing and executing marketing campaigns around the biggest names in music. By night, he is winning awards as a concert photographer. This podcast is a long overdue conversation about B2B marketing and our mutual love for all things rock n' roll (and how those two worlds often collide). After recording this conversation, we hung out at Content Marketing World, where we also attended the AC/DC concert (featuring Guns n' Roses', Axl Rose, on vocals) and then a Cheap Trick concert the following night. Good hang. Good times. Enjoy the conversation...

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Mirum Podcast - Episode #533 - Host: Mitch Joel.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Mirum Podcast - Episode #533 - Host: Mitch Joel.