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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Apr 14, 2024

Welcome to episode #927 of Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast - Episode #927. Let’s get much more curious in our work (and in our daily lives) to help bring this world closer together. Scott Shigeoka has spent his time exploring the power of curiosity. This has not only won him accolades but also transformed how we think about bridging divides in our increasingly complex world. His new book, Seek - How Curiosity Can Transform Your Life and Change the World, offers a look into curiosity as a force for positive change, earning praise from thinkers like Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant, and recognition as an Amazon Best Book of 2023. Scott’s unique perspective is shaped by a diverse background — from his roots in Hawaii to teaching groundbreaking courses at the University of Texas at Austin, and speaking for brands like Google and Pixar. His journey through curiosity began as a personal quest and has evolved into a universal call to action, underscored by his work at UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. Our conversation also touches on the impact of the pandemic on curiosity, a time when questions and the search for understanding became more critical than ever. Scott discusses how embracing curiosity can empower us to navigate through crises with resilience and hope. He also delves into the challenges of cancel culture and scrutiny, which can stifle curiosity. Beyond individual growth, Scott explores how institutions like universities can serve as incubators for curiosity, promoting an environment where challenging discussions can occur without fear. The role of emotions in fueling or hindering curiosity emerges as a key theme, with Scott advocating for emotional intelligence as a complement to intellectual inquiry. As Scott splits his time between the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area and the tranquil Mojave Desert, he embodies the balance between action and reflection, making him an ideal guide for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the world through the lens of curiosity. Whether you're a leader, educator, or simply someone looking to foster more meaningful connections, this conversation promises to offer valuable insights into making curiosity a dynamic part of your everyday life. Enjoy the conversation...


  • Hope and optimism are essential for fostering curiosity and a vision for the future.
  • Cancel culture and the fear of scrutiny can hinder curiosity and prevent the exploration of different perspectives.
  • Power dynamics play a role in curiosity, with those in positions of power needing to be curious about the perspectives of others.
  • Emotions can impact curiosity, and it is important to create spaces where different perspectives can be shared without fear of judgment.
  • College campuses can serve as laboratories for fostering curiosity and bridging differences.
  • Curiosity has the power to change perspectives and create positive relationships.


  • 00:00 - Introduction and Background
  • 02:15 - The Science of Curiosity
  • 04:54 - The Catalyst for Writing the Book
  • 07:49 - Curiosity During the Pandemic
  • 12:51 - The Importance of Curiosity in Healing
  • 18:36 - The Role of Curiosity in Bridging Differences
  • 19:13 - The Power of Asking Questions
  • 21:31 - The Dive Model
  • 28:38 - Scaling Curiosity and Bridging Differences
  • 43:17 - The Importance of Hope and Optimism
  • 44:03 - The Fear of Scrutiny and Cancel Culture
  • 45:00 - The Impact of Cancel Culture on Curiosity
  • 46:47 - The Role of Power in Curiosity
  • 49:17 - The Impact of Emotions on Curiosity
  • 52:41 - Curiosity and Polarization on College Campuses
  • 55:23 - Creating Spaces for Curiosity on College Campuses
  • 59:04 - The Power of Curiosity to Change Perspectives