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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Apr 30, 2023

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast - Episode #877. Forget everything that you think you know about the future of the economy, finance and money. We are going through a massive disruption (or transition) - and this isn't just about crytocurrency or the crypto winter. When it comes to money, there is a lot of power, politics and lives at play. Emmanuel Daniel is a renowned thought leader in the future of finance. He's an entrepreneur, writer, and model train enthusiast, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. Emmanuel has been at the helm of his TAB Global research and consulting house since 1996, providing insights through platforms like The Asian Banker and Wealth and Society. In his recently-published book, The Great Transition – the personalization of finance is here, Emmanuel envisions a banking industry revolution, shifting from platform technologies to unprecedented personalization. He dives into the roles of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, gaming, and other emerging technologies in shaping the future of finance and our world. Emmanuel's global perspective is enhanced by his travels to over 100 countries, with plans to visit all of them. He shares his travel experiences regularly, and is working on his second book, tentatively titled, The Winning Civilization, due for publication next year. As a former member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Emmanuel has held various advisory and consulting positions in both public and private sector institutions. He is a trusted confidante in leadership circles and a sought-after global speaker. A self-declared "Digital Nomad," he splits his time between Singapore, Beijing, and New York. Enjoy the conversation...