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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Nov 6, 2022

Welcome to episode #852 of Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - The ThinkersOne Podcast - Episode #852. There are few true business thinkers that have impacted my life - at every twist and turn - in the way that Tom Peters has. He is the patron saint of management strategy and business thinking. Full stop. When I think of Tom Peters, there is only one word that comes to mind: Legend. He is that. He is the "oracle of business" to me, personally (and for many others) when it comes to business, business book writing, public speaking, personal branding, and how to show up. If you want to know how much his work and thinking has impacted my life, you can click back about ten years to when I wrote a very public love letter to him (here it is: Dear Tom Peters). From the moment I first read The Project 50 – close to twenty years ago – to every book, program and article that he’s put out, I have been a fan. To say that I studied his public speaking style and adopted it for my own would not be a lie. A bio for Tom Peters? Where to begin? In 1982 he co-authored the seminal business book, In Search Of Excellence, which has been named one of the top three business books of the century by NPR. For my dollar, he’s changed almost everything I thought I knew about business through a series of books called, The Reinventing Work Series 50 List Books. In 2003, I devoured Re-Imagine! Business Excellence In A Disruptive Age, and it still sits within arm’s reach on my desk (one of the only books to do so). In 1987 he wrote the article, The Brand Called You, in Fast Company and it – literally – ushered in the era of individuals as brands (so, don’t believe those who think that they created the notion of a personal brand… it was Tom). His list of accolades and awards could fill a book. About a year ago, he claimed that, Excellence Now - Extreme Humanism, would his (gasp!) last book. Thankfully, he just published another gem: Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence. This is another one of Tom’s small books that packs a massive pop. It is filled with exhilarating quotes that will inspire you to recognize what truly matters at work. Tom compiled these gems of wisdom from those down in the trenches creating extraordinary places to work. In this episode, we discuss everything from new work spaces to equity, and what really matters as we toil through our work. I am also very proud that Tom is active on ThinkersOne. Enjoy the conversation...