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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Aug 16, 2020

Welcome to episode #736 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #736 - Host: Mitch Joel. When Maria Konnikova first entered the world of poker in 2017, it was tough to predict that, within a year, she would have won a major title, made multiple final tables, and amassed close to $300,000 in live tournament winnings. But that’s precisely what happened. Today, in addition to her career as a journalist, Maria plays professionally, traveling the world as she seeks her next poker title in anticipation of her recently published book, The Biggest Bluff. Maria brings a unique background to her poker career: apart from being a bestselling author (her other books include The Confidence Game, and Mastermind) and award-winning journalist, she holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University. Her doctoral work was on risky and emotional decision making in uncertain environments—the precise sorts of conditions you encounter at the poker table. Her theoretical findings, alongside her new practical experience, form a powerful combination for insight into the human decision making process in environments far removed from the poker table. Apart from playing and working on her book, over the last year Maria has developed interactive decision making workshops that use poker as a tool to explore your own mind—and help you emerge with a more complete understanding of yourself and a roadmap for improving your thought processes going forward. There is powerful connection between understanding the dynamics of poker in relation to what we need to pay attention to, how to master our thinking, how to see people for who they truly are (and not what they may be pretending to be) and where the "win" in life may actually be. Enjoy the conversation...