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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Dec 8, 2019

Welcome to episode #700 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #700 - Host: Mitch Joel. I’m not one to mark milestones. It’s just not who I am (and it’s not what I’m about). Birthdays, anniversaries, etc… I don’t like attention or making a big deal out of things. That was my attitude going into this week’s episode. Still, 700 podcasts is a big deal. Beyond Leo Laporte and TWiT, I am not sure if there is a longer running and consistently published podcast in the world of business. Maybe I am wrong? I don’t know. Still, every Sunday since May 22nd, 2006, I have published a podcast here. It was actually a no-brainer when I thought of who (and what) I would like to discuss for this week’s 700th episode. I wanted to discuss podcasting, and I wanted to discuss it with the one and only Seth Godin. I’ve known Seth for a long time. He’s been a guest on this show more than ten times over the years. If you want to know how much I love Seth, please read this article from April 2012: Dear Seth Godin. For more than thirty years, Seth has been showing up, doing the work and has been shipping ideas. Drip. Drip. Drip. He's been blogging daily for over a decade (free Seth Godin thinking? Yes please!) and he is the author of close to twenty bestselling (and must read) books like Purple Cow, Linchpin, The Dip, and his most recent, This Is Marketing. It's hard to not list out every book that he has written, because I love, share and gift all of them (he's just that good). In 2015, he created the altMBA, a life-changing 30 day workshop that is changing the face of education. More than 60,000 people have taken his online courses, including The Marketing Seminar and several others on Udemy. Along with doing five TED talks, Seth has a top-rated podcast, Akimbo, and has built The Podcasting Fellowship to help others start a show of their own (he’s got some other great workshops as well). Enjoy the conversation...