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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Jul 18, 2010

Welcome to episode #211 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. This is also episode #33 of Media Hacks. Instead of the usual phone conversation, Hugh McGuire, Julien Smith and I met up for an early morning breakfast at the infamous Bagels Etc... in beautiful Montreal. The conversation floated between mass media versus Social Media to looks at everything from how Old Spice is leveraging the convergence of the two, to why both Clay Shirky and Nicholas Carr have new business books that are well-worth reading (even though they both don't agree with one another). We also attempt to tackle the conversation over content and its value (re: pricing model) in our current society, and many other hacking media topics. As with most episodes of Media Hacks, some of the language is not safe for work (you have been warned). Enjoy the conversation...

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #211 - Host: Mitch Joel.

  • Running time: 54:39.
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  • Hello from Beautiful Montreal.
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  • Episode #33 of Media Hacks features: 
  • Hugh McGuire - LibriVox - Bite-Sized Edits - The Book Oven.
  • Julien Smith - In Over Your Head - Co-author of Trust Agents.
  • Not available:
  • Chris Brogan - New Marketing Labs - Co-author of Trust Agents.
  • C.C. Chapman - Managing The Gray - Digital Dads.
  • Christopher S. Penn - Blue Sky Factory - Marketing Over Coffee.
  • Live from Bagel Etc... in Montreal (one of Leonard Cohen's regular hang-out).
  • We're all in festival fever... make that the world-famous Just For Laughs comedy festival.
  • The advertising landscape have shifted because of Web culture.
  • What is famous?
  • Old Spice, Social Media and the convergence of all media.
  • Old Spice Voicemail Generator.
  • The new advertising takes stories in different directions. Welcome to transmedia.
  • Are we a part of pop culture or nerd culture... or is pop culture now nerd culture?
  • Please excuse us for the eating and chewing sounds... it is what it is.
  • We should all follow a backpack.
  • It's not about mass media... it's about communities of interest.
  • The impact of Clay Shirky's new book, Cognitive Surplus.
  • Some things cross into the mainstream but most stuff does not.
  • Packaging rather than content.
  • The easier to digest the more the mass populous hops on it.
  • The types of people who use Twitter and how it plays out.
  • The brilliance of Twitter lies in its constraints.
  • Nicholas Carr and his new book, The Shallows, and Clay Shirky's Cognitive Surplus.
  • We're starting to see/hear/read the splinters in Internet culture and how it plays out with Social Media.
  • Is Google Making Us Stupid? - The Atlantic.
  • Who else goes to the bathroom to check their iPhones all of the time?
  • Welcome to the age of rapid social anxiety growth.
  • Good calories - Bad calories (while Julien is eating a mish mash).
  • Moving to the asynchronous life of book reading - fully digital.
  • You can do this with the iBook, Kindle and/or Kobo app for your mobile.
  • Also make sure to grab both Readability and InstaPaper.
  • The way we write and read changes.
  • What the Dickens?
  • We need to divide the culture from the business model.
  • Books do not need to so big anymore. The constraint is there to support the business not the content.
  • This is not essential to the culture.
  • Can we homogenize the content?
  • What media gives more depth - a Blog or a business book?
  • What is the best way to do something vs. the best way to make money (or whatever else you're trying to accomplish).
  • We need to break free or experiment more with content.
  • A Blog is more powerful and deep way to explore content than a book is - this will scare publishers.
  • What mass media can learn from The Grateful Dead.
  • Does the mass amount of content devalue the content?
  • Put a pay-wall up for everything: what would you pay for monthly access to Blogs?
  • You Are Not A Gadget by Jaron Lanier.
  • Finland makes broadband Internet access a human right.
  • The supply and demand of information and where the money goes.
  • We all do have the resources to create media and content. There are no restrictions.
  • David Usher - 'Je Repars' (in French with Marie Mai).

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