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Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

May 22, 2006

After being a Co-Host on Across The Sound - the new marketing Podcast from Joseph Jaffe, I caught the Podcasting bug... big time. Yesterday I was listening to Across The Sound Episode 33 with CC Chapman (from Accident Hash, The U-Turn Cafe and Managing The Gray) and I just decided to go for it. I emailed CC and he pointed me toward CastBlaster. I watched the demo, downloaded the trial version and hit record.

So, here it is - the pilot episode of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Podcast. Six Pixels Of Separation has been a keynote presentation I have given over the past few months and is the working title for my yet-to-be-written book.

Below are show notes from this pilot episode of Six Pixels Of Separation. Let me throw some caution up front:

- This is my first attempt at Podcasting and I'm putting it out there in the spirit of "what the heck."
- It was recorded live, in one-shot, with no editing.
- CastBlaster in trial format only allows you to record a maximum of ten minutes (that's why I talk a little faster at the end).
- I'm not a fan of the intro or outro music - I was just playing around. My business partner, Mick Kanfi, will be creating some cool theme music (coming soon).
- This episode is "powered by" and not "presented by" CastBlaster.
- I should have faded out the music at the end.

Six Pixels Of Separation - The Podcast - Pilot Episode - Show Notes:

- Running time: 9:20.
- Welcome to Six Pixels of Separation - The Podcast.
- Brief bio on Mitch Joel.
- Thanks to Joseph Jaffe and CC Chapman.
- Recap of CMA - Canadian Marketing Association - National Convention and Trade Show.
- Mentions: Kevin Roberts, Max Lenderman, Joseph Jaffe, Bill Sweetman and One Degree.
- Why Six Pixels Of Separation?
- Montreal Business Book Club.

I have yet to set-up the feed and post the Podcast to iTunes, etc..., so the only way to hear it is to download it from this location (you can try a right-mouse-click and save): Six Pixels Of Separation - The Podcast - Pilot Episode - Host: Mitch Joel.

As with everything, your comments, feedback and help is appreciated. Please let me know what you think.